Episode 15 – Uncharted Territory: KENO?!?!

Video Jokers: “This is intense…” “This is a F*#@king Nightmare…” “This is gross…” “This is depressing…” “I’m at $10.25… and I’m miserable… and I don’t know what’s happening…” “This is no sun tea episode…”
Ian: “Do you have any topics? or are you just going to complain about Keno for the next ten minutes?”

Episode 10 – I’m an American until…

Kristeen goes to The Mansion to visit a VERY sexy and VERY famous Celebrity… then gets an “assorted” sub. And Steven well…
Steven: I have four heart cards and one diamond card.
Kristeen: …you could also say four to the flush if you want to be less upsetting.
Steven: …it didn’t happen, I got an 8 of clovers.

Episode 09 – “So…. I heard you had a little penis trouble”

Kristeen von Hagen & Steven Roberts play Triple Bonus Poker and discuss the fascinating adventure of Eggbert’s penis…. AND the Fourple buys a lottery ticket. What would they do with the winnings? Something ridiculous like buying a pod of whales or take care of their family? or something reasonable like buying a Porsche and a Rolex?

Episode 08 – Steven has a lead foot

Aces Bonus Poker – We discuss which is worse: telling someone to die or go f**k themselves… and SPORTS!! Being from Canada and living in Las Vegas Kristeen has ‘Golden Knights Fever’ and Steven has a mean Hook Shot ala Kareem Abdul Jabar… oh, and Ian gets a little tipsy.